Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, February 8, 2016

Letter #83

In Mexico the religious leaders have no legal power. They cannot marry a person. His  wife is very catholic and so far still has not wanted to hear our message. Their house is small so she hears the most of it anyways even though she isn't present in the room we are in. He has 2 or 3 sons. They don't listen either. (This is one of his investigators that wants to be baptized, but needs to get married first.)

They are going to use the wood frame for book shelves. ( I asked him why they took the arcade game machines apart for the person they were serving.)

I have eaten chiles rellenos. They are great!! 

Yesterday a lizard got into our house somehow. My comp Elder Toledo hates lizards and so he grabbed a match and an Axe body spray can trying to use it as a flamethrower to get the thing out. It just started chasing him and he ran around the house screaming like a little school girl. I then got the  lizard out by using a broom and a dustpan. 

This week was full of surprises. 

We had some mission meetings with a local area 70. It was to help us to grow our faith to be able to visit and help more people. In other words to save more sons and daughters of God. We worked super hard this week even though we weren't even in our area almost 2 full days for those meetings and also one time because we went to the temple!! We were able to visit about 8 families more than usual because we always asked ourselves, "Who else can we help?" God provided the way from there, always providing a way to visit people. We hope to keep going like that. We just have to work better with the members. We are working on how to do that. 

Thursday night a convert from Elder Toledo´s first area called us and said that she was going to get sealed to her husband this Saturday. We went early Saturday morning to the temple for the sealing. We went in a fancy bus that had TV´s (I was trying not to watch Divergent for an hour and a half, but it was hard because I was hearing the whole thing). Then we went in the Subway system. It was way cool. We went In the temple and the sealing ordinance was AWESOME! I have never felt so much power from the spirit in one moment. 

We fasted with Juan this week so that his wife softens her heart so that He can get married legally and get baptized. We have an appointment today.

Saturday night we received interesting news. We would become a trio. I am now here with my companion Elder Toledo and with Elder Hopkins from Logan (his comp was sent home). We will be together until the transfers next week. Its weird teaching with 3, but it's a blast being together.

I invite you to think about this question this week, "Who else can I help?" and see in how many ways God will be present in your life.

Love you,
Elder Finlinson

 Elder Toledo and Andrew with the couple that Elder Toledo taught and baptized that are now sealed!
 A new eternal family! 
Andrew with Elder Hopkins and Elder Toledo now a trio companionship...until transfers next Monday.

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