Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, February 22, 2016

Letter #85

Elder Huxford is from Cedar City. He played basketball in high school and football. He is really fun to be with. The zone changed a ton. Of 28 missionaries, 24 had changes. There are 13 new missionaries in the zone. 

This week was really cool, but with a kind of sadder ending. Last week we had contacted a lot and they were really great people that God has been preparing. We taught 8 new people this week and they all loved what we shared and commited to come to church. We had also been trying really hard to work with the members here because all our investigators are contacts in the street. We looked and called a ton of members to accompany us. When the members came and accompanied us the investigators weren't there. When the members canceled on us the investigators were there, so that was cool... ha ha NOT. We are working on that one still. But anyway, Sunday came around and nobody was in church except Juan Miranda who is always there. All the people that said they would come didn't come. Then one investigator walked in who we hadn't taught in 2 weeks. He´s named Ariel Herrera. After church he said that he loved it and found it very interesting. We are hoping to teach him. 

This week I was thinking about the importance of prayer. I am so thankful that growing up my family did family prayers. It may seem like something so small, but seeing the families that don't do it and all the difficulties that they have it makes me that much more grateful for the gospel and that much more determined to invite them to pray. When we pray sincerely God Listens and answers. I know it. He is always there to help us when we seek him. I invite you to really think about who you are talking to when you pray and to converse with him. I promise that you will feel the difference in your day and in your prayers. 

Love you, 
Elder Finlinson

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