Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, February 29, 2016

Letter #86

Elder Huxford was in my first district in Alamedas for 6 months. He did come from the Provo MTC. We work really well together. 

In the zone there are 3 greenies and the rest are new to the area. 

We taught Ariel Herrera 2 times. One time we felt to pass by his local store when an appointment fell and he was all alone with nothing to do. The other time we taught the word of wisdom to Ariel with Juan Miranda (they used to be old drinking pals we just found out).

My birthday went well. We did interchanges and had a lot of appointments then at night we ate a piece of cake that we had bought.

These past few weeks we have found about 30 new people to teach and they are SUPER!!They complete every invitation except one; Going to Church!! We were expecting 13 people in church and only Juan and Ariel (who can't get baptized right now for the law of chastity and word of wisdom) came. We are trying a ton of things to get the investigators to church. Yesterday after church we took Juan Miranda around to present him to some investigators that don't come to church. He testified of how the church has changed him and promised them that it would help them too! We hope his testimony helps those investigators. Then in the end Juan said that there was a lady who saw the change he made in his life and he took us to her house to meet her. We arrived and she let us in her house. We got to know her and her 4 children. They are great! We hope to help them come unto the gospel too. 

This week was stake conference and I thought I would share something I liked.

Once a man found a pearl of great price. He loved the pearl and wanted to show it off to everyone. He had a fancy showing box made to put the pearl in. To his surprise and sadness, the people who passed by and saw his pearl paid more attention to the beauty of the fancy box than to his much more valuable pearl. 
Many times we do this. We pay attention to other things instead of the real reason for which it was made. 
Example. What would be the pearl of going to church. Many say we go to church for the good feeling, to learn, because our parents say we need to, because its a commandment, or for the sacrament. Actually none of those are the pearl. They are great things (the fancy box) but isn't the reason why we go. We go to church for Christ and his atonement (the pearl). The Sabbath day, sacrament, great feeling, etc. come because Christ came and suffered for us. 
If Christ had not come (if the pearl had never been found) everything we do in the church would have no point (the box would have no purpose).

I invite you to think about the "pearls" that God had given you. You will feel the love of our Father in Heaven.

Love you,
Elder Finlinson

"When they asked me which airport I would like to come home to..." I told him I would gladly meet him there! :)

Andrew with his new companion Elder Huxford

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