Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, February 22, 2016

Letter #84

Juan couldn't get married. His wife is hard hearted. We will keep working with him. That's awesome for Katelyn. That will be an amazing experience for her! (A family friend who received her mission call to Texas.)

They have "the day of friendship and love" in Mexico on February 14. 

This week went pretty well. It was fun being in a trio. We did interchanges almost everyday so that was really hard with different people in the area every day. But we were able to visit a lot of people. We are finding a ton of new investigators. The problem is that all of them are from contacts and asking the contacts for referrals. The members don't do anything to share the gospel. We are working on that right now. We are looking for the way to incoorporate the members with the lessons and investigators. The investigators aren't coming to church and I think its because they don't know anyone there. 

I will be staying here in Tepeji again. Elder Toledo is going to Lomas Lindas (the same zone where I started my mission). My next companion will be Elder Huxford from Cedar City. Acually I think he will be going to SUU also. He was the former assistant to the President. It should be really fun with him. I did interchanges with him this week here in Tepeji so it will be great to keep working with him here. After the day of interchanges he said, " If president changes me I want to come here." What do you know!

In what ways has the mission changed me. It gave me a real testimony. I have learned to trust in God and to love his work. I know that He lives and knows me. I know now that he has a perfect plan for me and that He is always there to guide me. I have also been able to change a lot of who I was (with my natural man) I have gained a love for my Savior and know that he also lives. In my opinion the biggest way that the mission has changed me is in my relationship with God. Before I didn't have a testimony that strong. I believed in a God and what they told me in church and in my family, but now that belief has become a clear certainty. The best part is that this blessing is available to everyone! When we pray sincerely God hears and answers us. We will feel his presence. 

Love you,
Elder Finlinson

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